Work            with            Astrorecords


The  Best of Times[01] Best of Times
[02] Heart of Stone
[03] 911 My Lord
[04] Mirror in Your Eyes
[05] Wheels
[06] My Friend
[07] Ground Zero
[08] Beauty Queen
[09] Cruel Woman
[10] Motherland
[11] My Little Car
[12] Good and Evil
[13] Money in the Bank
[14] Crackdown

All Song (c) 2003 One Astro Publishing (1970) Co.

 The years of work between 

George Kauffman and Astrorecords

 have produced great songs like

 My Friend  & Motherland. George's

 soul pop rock  & classical background

 has been combined, and resulted in

 a studio session that became

 the title track, Best of Times.

 This track includes -influenced

synthesizer sound, being

 met by the classic sound of

 George's genuine violin, creating

a very highly energized sound unique

 to almost everyone who has heard

this track.Best of Times was recorded

during the summer of 2002,

and produced with Astrorecords

& Fiasco Brothers Studio

Tracks such as 911 My Lord, and

 Ground Zero, recieved an excellent

 review from President George

 W. Bush, resulting in a personal

 letter from the White House,

to Astro Records  





The Catwalkers was recorded in FIasco Brothers by Cal  Batchelor  and George Kauffman  .Published by One  Astrorecords production for Canada USA

   Hedy- Mary & George Kauffman cooproduced albums in dance latin pop style  .My Photos by

                                        George Kauffman wrote, recorded and cooproduced  album  for      Jennifer Geddes - Long Time Coming

 Music was written  by  George Kauffman  & mr. Cal Batchelor , ms.Valeria Matzner  some  spanish lyrics  was  changed by   ASTRORECORDS into english.

Published througth One Astrorecords  Canada USA


Jennifer Geddes
A Long Time Coming

Click on the tr name below for a preview or

 download of each song. 

01. A Long Time Coming
02. Tickled Ivory
03. Don't Tell Me Now
04. Crazy -not original (P.Kl)was rearranged in jazz pop feel
Crying Shame
06. Keep in Touch
07. Lonely Hearts
08. Heart Beat
09. Thank You
10. Shadows
11. Ecstacy
12. Sideshow Fever
13. Me
14. Level